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  1. In 4 weeks book will be done

    That's cool Tony. Can I get you to sign the e-book version? Chris
  2. In 4 weeks book will be done

    Hardbound of course. It would make a nice addition to my library. Electronic version is just vapor crap. One day it will just disappear. Chris
  3. That's the OCD kicking in. Looking great so far. Chris
  4. N&W SD40-2 6117

    After some deliberation, I took the plunge and got me some Sergent couplers. Another learning curve with these. I originally bought the narrow shank ones and it instantly became a frustration because I didn't catch the fact right away that there are different versions. However, I like the way they came out, as this was a hang up for a while. In order to use these through the scale buffer, I still needed to modify the box. I used a mill to thin down the thickness of the box so that it would slide through and also hold that KATO shell down. The screw holes were in an inconvenient location. Either the hole was too car forward and missed the coupler pad or too far back and interfered with the trucks. I ended up cutting off the back of the box and drilling new screw holes. I did get more versions of the Sergent couplers and will now have to convert all the rest of the equipment. I have several hundred resin cars completed where it looks like I will have to convert. Big project and big PITA. I'm also a little leery about the strength of these couplers as I like to run as many as eight unit lashups and hundred plus car trains. Broken knuckles maybe? Will have to try it out on a freinds layout and see what happens. Thanks for the compliment guys, it really is encouraging. Chris
  5. UP SD40-2H

    Got tired of cramming decoders, wires, resistors, lights and speakers into tight places. I had to figure out an easy way to get these decoders installed. The use of Genesis decoders from Soundtraxx has eliminated the use of resistors. This unit is wired and working, with only the lights to be added and soldered to the tabs. The speaker needed to have a corner cut out so that it can sit lower below the fans. It actually sounds pretty good. This frame is for the 8015, which will have lights and windows installed after weathering. The speaker enclosure had the sides milled out a little so that no friction resulted from slipping the shell on. The shell goes on quite easily. Chris
  6. CSX 7826, C40-8W

    This model is taking real good shape. Nice work. Chris
  7. SD40E NS 6303

    I found a picture of a sister engine I had taken at Cassandra back in 2012. Also a later SD40E and there's quite a few differences already. Chris
  8. SD40E NS 6303

    Looking wicked! Chris
  9. My high hood N&W C-425

    That's the sugar free sample. Very nice, Randy. Chris
  10. Jerry, here is a gondola that may help as a reference point in that weathering. Chris
  11. EMDX #91

    RTR means, ready to rebuild. Chris
  12. N&W SD40-2 6117

    James, I moved the pin about .055". Just drill the hole behind the existing pin which measures .050", and then cut the existing one off. Between the two trucks that should space your trucks out about an additional scale foot. .055" x 2 trucks = .110". .110" x 87.1 = 9.581" Total. I don't know anything about the Kato SD40 since I don't have any. I've seen the Athearn SD39's, but haven't had one to check on any kind of measurements. I didn't use any of the Kato drives, because I saw that as way too much work to get what I wanted out of it. Chris
  13. N&W SD40-2 6117

    It was a very simple procedure to move the truck pin. No other modifications necessary. I used a piece of .050" piece of special shapes tubing, threaded a 1.4 mm tap into the tubing, and used a 1.4 mm screw slightly countersunk in the bolster clip. After that, just cut to the correct height and that's it. The next plan of attack is to do the frame detail. Since the entire unit will be painted in black, handrails will be applied before painting. I'm hoping to get this unit done pretty quick and then return to doing the tunnel motors and SD7. Chris
  14. Yeah, Jerry. Kind of miss that vehicle. I think eventually I will buy a new one. Since my truck is almost at 400,000 miles. Chris