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    Burlington Northern 1971-72 in HO-Scale
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  1. Milwaukee Road SDL39 Build

    A lot of work, but a truly unique model. Very nice work so far!
  2. Early '70s Freight Cars

    I model BN in 1971-72, so I try to use freight cars that fit that period.
  3. GN X181 'Hutch' caboose

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought this was a plywood-sheathed car. The odd trucks would be difficult to model. As far as I know, there is nothing available like them. The prototype still exists as part of a bar and resturant in Minnesota. Road trip?
  4. SOU360363

    The cars look very nice. I like these Bowser cars. Good, fine detailing, and nice trucks.
  5. BN in 1971-72

    These are some of my HO-Scale models. I do early BN, about 1971-72.
  6. Oddballs Decals

    It's good to know all this. I've been putting an Oddballs order together. I guess I need to cancel that! "Rail Graphics" was different than Oddballs though. Is Rail Graphics still around? They did a lot of custom decals for me twenty years ago.
  7. CB& Q Conversion

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!
  8. Blue Box Bash & Lots of Mistakes - My Fantasy Car

    I'm confused. I thought it was Athearn BB. What is Walthers BB? Hard to follow anyway...
  9. Rock Island E7 639.

    Awesome model! Love the etched vents. I can already here its Nathan P5 horn.
  10. A couple questions...

    The thick railings are on the sides of the long hood. The end platform railings are all thinner, at least on a C30-7.
  11. A couple questions...

    GE's use thicker 1.75" diameter handrails on the walkways (horizontal surfaces), and 1.25" on vertical step railings.
  12. GN SD45 406 & 408

    Thanks Steve. It looks like the door fits right over the brakewheel opening on the 406, which should make it easy to cover.
  13. GN SD45 406 & 408

    Very nice. What model did you use? I want to backdate a Kato SD45 so I can make the GN 400. I noticed your 406 is an early phase also.
  14. Soo Line SD40-2 6604

    It looks really nice. I have a few old BB Athearns that I won't part with. Some U30B's that were a Phase never made in HO plastic, and some GP38-2's. With a little work, these will be nice models. I plan on using the Athearn handrails too.