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Yakima River Canyon

Dioramas 23 Aug 2016
I've been working off and on for quite some time on a diorama that is much different than what I'm used to.  In the past my dioramas have been flat, allowing me to shoot with a natural background.  That's all fine and dandy but it requires me to be out where I have an open background....
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Milwaukee Road GATC 4180 Airslide #97223

Freight Equipment 19 Aug 2016
After thinking strongly about getting out of the hobby and passing on protomodeler.com, I decided to gin up my  enthusiasm and commit some $$ and time to a doable project.   Today I ordered one of these.     I hope to bring it up to resemble this one. I photographe...
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G52X CR507865

Freight Equipment 18 Aug 2016
Well I'm back, my book written and now being edited with the first volume hopefully out in print and electronic format prior to Christmas, yes, Christmas 2016.     I needed a change from locomotives that were the players in my book, so decided to build an ex CR G52X very often seen in a...
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St Louis, who will be there?

General Discussion 08 Aug 2016
Cannon will be, anyone else?
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Gluing foil to styrene

HELP Please. 25 Jul 2016
What is the preferred method of gluing aluminum foil to styrene? Like some have done with scrap gons? I have a little project that I'll use some aluminum can stock for. I need to glue it down to a truck bed chassis to make a metal bed. I want to use the aluminum because I want to put the divots b...
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