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The basics of my model photography

Master Modeler and Photographer Chris Zygmunt shows us how he shoots his models.
I guess I can start by showing how my so called studio is set up. All I need is a camera, a background (poster board), and lights. These lights I picked up at a camera store for about a $100.00. My layout is a good support base for the poster board, and off coarse the lights have their own stands. Camera is mounted on a tripod.

Here's how simple the setup is.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

It's basically anywhere I can find room. Here, I don't have to depend on the weather outside. I can shoot pictures anytime.

Since I'm running out of time tonight, I'll have to end it here for now. The next post I'll explain how to set up the camera and how depth of field works.



I'm looking forward to this, is the whole tutorial going to be based on the subject and set up as shown above?