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D&RGW RBL - A Moloco kit

Jul 30 2012 11:21 PM | mudhen in Articles

Follow Chris Zymunt's build and weathering of a MOLOCO RBL Craftsman kit.

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9-40CW NS 9134 & NS 9684

Jan 27 2011 09:50 AM | modelmaker87 in Articles

So far we have 21 pages of Master Modeler, Tony Sissons stunning work, turning these two locomotives
into 1:87th scale modeling works of art. Follow along and be amazed.

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Blue Box Bash & Lots of Mistakes - My Fanta...

Oct 08 2010 05:45 AM | modelmaker87 in Articles

This excellent tutorial by Tony Sissons and resulting discussion by some of the Best prototype modelers
working in the hobby today, is one of the best teaching tools we've ever read.

Tony turns this Athearn Blue Box car into a show stopper. This one is a keeper for sure. There are five
pages of teaching, screwing-up and on topic discussion that is entertaining and a text book on modeling.

Please follow this on back on the forum.

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Masking for Painting

Aug 15 2011 01:19 AM | SlowFreight in Articles

I've seen a couple of threads with questions about masking and bleed-through when painting, so while I had the chance, I thought I'd do a quick how-to on how I like to mask for multi-color paint jobs. The first thing is to have the right tools...

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The basics of my model photography

Mar 11 2012 09:01 PM | mudhen in Articles

Master Modeler and Photographer Chris Zygmunt shows us how he shoots his models.

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Superdetailed 2-bay airslide hopper 4180cuft (W...

Jul 08 2012 06:25 AM | tztrains in Articles

Hi all, HummerDave tracked me down to bring back my post series from MTW and also Yahoo-MFCL Msg 28856, dated Fri Sep 21, 2007. The model photo links there are all dead. Having to rebuild and upload directly here. Sadly, in summer 2012, this is sti...

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