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Searching for SD60 parts

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  Hey guys.  I'm about to start work on my 3rd locomotive for my coal train which is an Athern CSX SD60.   I'm pretty excited about this project because the two bnsf SD70s I've worked on extensively are heavily weathered and look the part.  While this SD60 model I have, based on a recent photo of the prototype from May 2017, just got a new paint job with the new CSX logo and the paint is still shiny.  So I think it will be a fun project and will look interesting with minimal weathering.   New paint on an older style loco. 


  Anyway, I'm looking for detail parts for it and coming up short.  I've found a few things but is there anywhere that makes an SD60 plow?  It appears to be different than the SD70.  Also, IDK what theyre called but it now has the newer white box communications (?) antenna over the cab.  Does any place sell these in HO scale?  The other ones I may be able to scratch build if there isn't anything available.  If anyone has a junk shell I could scavenge one off of, I am interested. 

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