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  2. Don't worry, here's mine.
  3. BNSF ex-Santa Fe Bluebonnet GP60. *Pictures!*

    This is an awesome project! Cool prototype find. Any updates?
  4. Here I'm up early studying some serious weathering techniques and I spotted this forum. Amazingly I have held on to some things AND know where they're located after five moves so I figured I'd offer up a good laugh. I present to you my first serious attempt at weathering.... Circa 1995. 15 years old. Pre-internet, pre-cell phone era. Didn't get the idea from anybody or anywhere else. Just decided to do it strictly based on what I saw at the yards.
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  6. Searching for SD60 parts

    I believe the white boxes on the roof you are talking about is the PTC equipment. Check here: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/hoshopThere are also lots of other PTC options, just do some googling to match the prototype.
  7. My 1st OMI

    Elizabeth, thank you I will move forward with this info and start shopping. And selling too. Thank you again and I will let you all know how it's going.
  8. My 1st OMI

    I'm going to be honest here. None of us are building this model, and if that photo is the current state of it, it doesn't appear you are either. I read back through this thread, and I can't tell if you ultimately plan on an as-built SD45, or the rebuilt version. Nonetheless, if I was to start, I'd ditch the OMI chassis. Period. Those were made for the RPP shells, and yes, the P2K shell is not sitting at the proper height. The first thing I see is the single springs over the axles. Look at the prototype photos you posted. There are two springs over each axle. Paint those trucks silver, and that empty black space will be glaring. Get an Athearn chassis with the proper trucks. The side frames and fuel tank are far superior in detail. You can either put a Genesis motor in it, or a Kato. The latter will require some milling, so will the former unless you get a "sound-ready" RTR frame, which is designed to fit a Genesis retrofit kit. I mill all my frames to that they fit inside frame rails i build from styrene and glue to the underside of the deck. I'm no help detailing an Athearn frame as is. Starting with the shell, take the handrails off and throw them in the garbage. I can already see the stanchions bending inward. Soak it in alcohol for while and scrub all the paint off. I'd remove the fans and throw them away. Same for the cab, short hood, exhaust, and blower cover. Order new Cannon replacements from Dave, along with some etched steps. Get an etched SD45 fan hatch with Cannon fan-ready holes from Keith Hapes at Plano. I'd also order a traction motor blower duct cover from Dave, and replace the P2k one for the reasons I've already described. Fill in those hideous drain holes on the electrical cabinet. Start the project. If you run into questions, then we can be of help. But at least get going on something so you have more specific questions to ask. Elizabeth
  9. Southern ALCO PA

    Scotty, Thanks for the encouragement! I was told this would be hard and basically dared to try it, so I did. The PA"s never really fit into my main time frame being late 1970's/mid 80's.
  10. My 1st OMI

    Wow....... 2 months and a day. I bet, That Train Place does not still have the sell going on. I have a P2K shell sitting on an OMI chassis and it does not correctly fit or look right to me but, I do know that mistakes can cost a lot of money. I really would like to step up my game at this Loco building stuff. Yes, freight cars I am not afraid of. Locos, I really have no clue accept to weather one out of the box. I really need to learn and push the envelope. I know that we are all very busy but 2 months....
  11. Southern ALCO PA

    Boy I know that feeling, sorry to here that you have to move on from this build.
  12. Southern ALCO PA

    Everyone, After a year of work I have determined I will be selling the two ALCO Pa's.
  13. I would like to take a moment and thank Blaine Hadfield for his advocacy and support in the hobby. I would like to wish Blaine the very best in his next endeavor, as he has left ExactRail to pursue new opportunities. Over the years I have become very good friends with Blaine, and I will surely miss his expertise at ExactRail, but I understand that he is still running the Mountain State RPM meet, and will remain an avid modeler of the Union Pacific; as well as raise his family. I have never met a finer person in the hobby of Model Railroading than Blaine. I am glad to call him a friend. Best Wishes to you, Blaine!
  14. Protomodeler.com funding for 2017/18

    You're a popular man, Jerry.
  15. 263 pages of Banned membership requests. They hit hard today.
  16. Thank you, Daniel!
  17. Thank you, as always, Max!
  18. Protomodeler.com funding for 2017/18

    All done, Gerry. Cheers Max
  19. Hello, fellow Forum Members. Last years request for help with funding the site has covered us until Nov1. The time has come again to ask for help in funding the forum. Last year we raised enough to fund us through October 31, 2017. The forum runs $35 per month or $420 per year. Being a senior citizen on SS, the cost of the forum to me right now is unsustainable. This year, I was able to purchase a house which will have me counting shekels a lot closer, so funding the forum and paying the year in advance really takes a burden off my shoulders. If you would like to contribute, any amount is welcome. As soon as I reach the $420 goal, I will stop taking donations and if it goes over, I will be happy to refund any extra money. You can contribute via PayPal using my email address of jerry@protomodeler.com the receipt will show a payment to Jerry's East Vally Sales. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance! Jerry Ps. If anyone is interested in being a Forum Admin, please message me. I will be participating much more, soon. I finally have a workspace and 12 cars from a customer to weather, so I have no excuses!
  20. Searching for SD60 parts

    Hey guys. I'm about to start work on my 3rd locomotive for my coal train which is an Athern CSX SD60. I'm pretty excited about this project because the two bnsf SD70s I've worked on extensively are heavily weathered and look the part. While this SD60 model I have, based on a recent photo of the prototype from May 2017, just got a new paint job with the new CSX logo and the paint is still shiny. So I think it will be a fun project and will look interesting with minimal weathering. New paint on an older style loco. Anyway, I'm looking for detail parts for it and coming up short. I've found a few things but is there anywhere that makes an SD60 plow? It appears to be different than the SD70. Also, IDK what theyre called but it now has the newer white box communications (?) antenna over the cab. Does any place sell these in HO scale? The other ones I may be able to scratch build if there isn't anything available. If anyone has a junk shell I could scavenge one off of, I am interested.
  21. In 4 weeks book will be done

    Just recieved my copy in the mail today and it is excellent. Looking forward to volume two. Thanks Tony for the hard work.
  22. Photobucket woes

    I came across the following "fixes" that seem to have restored most of the missing photos. Tony's being an exception because he appears to have deleted them. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-embedded-fix/ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en Elizabeth
  23. FDNY Squad 41 1/25 scale

    Slowfreight, I finally got to talk to him over a year ago and he had family health problems. I talked him to casting about 5 cabs and some bodies. He did them for me and after our conversation his website went down. He was hopeful he could come back as he wanted to add some stuff to the fire section. His castings are beautiful for HO scale. I got the Ward LaFrance, Mack C95 and some Hahn cabs with various bodies. I will try to match them to some Athearn frames and bodies as needed. For a Trash body you might try Don Mills. I picked up a couple of Mack f-700 style road tractors and the IH TranStarII which are badly needed for a 70's themed layout.
  24. FDNY Squad 41 1/25 scale

    Yeah, Shapeways has probably the worst search function possible, so I'm always worried that the exact part I need is out there but I can't find it. If it weren't for forums and other groups, I don't know how you'd find stuff! So did Ralph Ratcliffe stop making kits? I tried to order one of his trash truck bodies, but he never got back to me.
  25. FDNY Squad 41 1/25 scale

    You are welcome. Fire Apparatus holds a place in my heart second only to Trains so I'm there with ya! The crown snorkel would be interesting. I've not seen too many snorkels my self but I know Sandusky had one (near my home town) and Kent has one (where I went to school) so I've gotten to see them here and there. Somewhere I know i have photos of them both but it has been about a decade lol. I know i would definitely be interested in seeing your progress and if i can ever get something started I will post as well lol! As for shapeways Ive found through facebook groups (Model Fire Apparatus page and Model Fire Apparatus /any scale) that Mott's Models (Store on Shapeways) has some great stuff and I know that's where I'll be getting my Marauder(s) from.
  26. FDNY Squad 41 1/25 scale

    SB, There is some nice 1/87 fire stuff coming off Shapeways. I really want to invest in the Crown Snorkel I found that was made from the truck used in a lot of Emergency TV shows. I am going to work with some nice cast stuff I got from Ralph Ratcliffe before he left the business so stay tuned. Oh yeah, Thanks for the compliments!
  27. FDNY Squad 41 1/25 scale

    Wow the hard work really paid off and quite the homage as well. Love the project. Been a fan of Seagrave's as my hometown and where i went to school both have Marauders. I'm actually planning on recreating them in HO with some parts from Shapeways... sometime lol. But I digress excellent work.
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