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Blue Box Bash & Lots of Mistakes - My Fantasy Car

  • This excellent tutorial by Tony Sissons and resulting discussion by some of the Best prototype modelers

    working in the hobby today, is one of the best teaching tools we've ever read.


    Tony turns this Athearn Blue Box car into a show stopper. This one is a keeper for sure. There are five

    pages of teaching, screwing-up and on topic discussion that is entertaining and a text book on modeling.


    Please follow this on back on the forum.

Hi Guys,


Just recently some of us have commented on lurkers here after Jerry culled the list. For better or worse that is not the topic of conversation of this

thread. its geared to those modelers who peek at the models that some of the guys post here and wish they could be doing similar work. This thread

is not exactly a full tutorial either, its a combination of a lot of mistakes I made and how I covered them up and got around them. Useful for some

while others will just laugh at my stupidity.


Back when this section of PW first came on line HD wrote:


- Quote -


"Building a decent freight car from kits or add on parts.

This topic will cover the construction of freight cars geared towards

Plastic kits and available aftermarket parts.

A informative tread on what is needed and where to find the information.

The idea is to get 'you' started in a direction that makes you feel comfortable

with building a better model and along the way learning about the prototype.


Call it close enough if you like, modeling on a budget or a scrap box treasure."


- End Quote -


A month back I agreed to do a presentation to the Southern Railway Historical Assoc (SRHA). That will happen tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 a.m.


I didn't have any idea what to speak about when I agreed to the commitment and ended up thinking 'Oh, I'll just throw something together and

make do'. Yeah I know, not really the right attitude, but I did anyway, well sort of did. I decided to bash a Blue Box Athearn 50' box car and see

how it would work out adding some D/A & D/W stuff plus a pair of kadees, that sort of thing, nothing big. So off I went head first, file in hand

carving up this piece of awful plastic. Ah, shouldn't say that, if it wasn't for Athearn's blue boxes I would never have learned many things, bless

their cotton socks.


Anyhooo, as I got into the project I started looking for prototype pics to guide me. I made a few mistakes on this model, no idea why, inattention

I figure after it was done. The model is really a fantasy as it has the incorrect ends still on it, but what the heck. This is the story of my fantasy

blue box bash and I hope it helps some of you improve your modeling, for the rest, sit back and enjoy this comedy of errors, mistakes and boo boos.


The first image here was my starting point. Mistake #1, I never did take an image of the actual car I was working on, so this identical car with NS

decals will have to do. Just close your eyes and pretend it has SOUTHERN printed on it. See what I mean guys, errors and all. ;D ;D ;D ;D




Cheers, Tony

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Me either, not that I understand all of the text above the photo????? They lost me after the part by Tony about making Athearn Blue Box kits into Southern Box Cars.

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