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9-40CW NS 9134 & NS 9684

  • So far we have 21 pages of Master Modeler, Tony Sissons stunning work, turning these two locomotives

    into 1:87th scale modeling works of art. Follow along and be amazed.

Hi Guys,


I've made an odd comment here and there on a few threads about cranking up another intense locomotive build similar in style to my SD50 NS 5424. I reckon I'm far enough along with this project to get started on a thread. Perry Lambert may well be pleased about this, since he joined a very small private e-mail group on this project of mine but came in very very late to the party, so a lot of what I'll be posting will be new to him. For me though, by committing to a thread on the forum will help me, force me more like, to get this project finished, which is important to me and my coal layout under construction. More about the layout in the future though.


Building an NS 9-40CW in HO scale is quite a challenge. For starters there is no single model offered of a NS 9-40CW. Period. The closest 6 axle power model available that looks close is the C9-44CW by Athearn and Kato but neither are 9-40CW as far as I can see, not by any stretch of the imagination. Detail parts that are available for EMD engines from the likes of Cannon & Co and Railflyer are virtually non existent for GE machines. There's a few reasonable detail parts offered by Details West, the plow for one, if you don't have an Overland, and Details Assoc don't do a bad job either with a few decent parts. But body compartment doors, roof and side panels, a cab (the correct type), louvres..? Not so fortunate in these areas. What is available I can say I've used, sometimes with an addition or mod of my own from these manufacturers on my 9-40CW build, but its the panels that are the deal and they are different on a NS dash 9. So many prototype modelers miss the differences. One look at the roof and you can see immediately, even my Overland copy of the NS 9-40CW is incorrect. How about that...!! Yeah, I was surprised too. I haven't moved on to the chassis and trucks yet but a cursory look I can see that there will be work to do under the sill. But that's what the hobby is all about - modeling. I reckon the rant stops here. ;D ;D ;D


Athearn and Kato C9-44CW's are good models for being C9-44CW's, no question, cos that's what they are - NOT NS 9-40CW's. I can quickly reel off a short list of the differences I see that has to be worked to bring these models closer to an NS 9-40CW, granted, you have to decide first on which phase out of the seven, yes, seven different phases no less, that NS received, with each phase carrying a small difference from the previous phase.


So this thread will cover a pair of builds. NS 9134 and NS 9684 with all the required changes to suit the phase when they were manufactured, not that the numpties on some forums will be any the wiser, which is a shame. I might run this on a variety of different forums to see what kicks. Photographing and processing the photos is what takes time away from the actual modeling, but once done they are good to go on as many rail model forums as there are out there.


Cheers, Tony

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